Introducing Symbl for Startups

By Anthony Claudia

What is it?

Symbl for Startups is a program for pre-seed to seed stage companies building the next generation of conversation-centric AI products and services.

How does it work?

Companies apply to the program, and, if accepted, will receive credits and exclusive access to our amazing network of mentors, investors, and other like-minded founders. We will also be hosting virtual and in-person events, special panels and workshops on various topics from fundraising to product design.

Why are we doing this?

Aren’t you busy enough, you ask? The bottom line is thatat we believe startups are where real innovation and impact happen. We are a startup, after all. We understand the pace, the intensity, and the incredible journey founding teams undertake to materialize their vision. We passionately want to support founders on this journey and at the same time accelerate the conversation intelligence and artificial intelligence markets to build something wonderful together.

Over the past year we’ve worked intimately with several startups building on our platform, getting involved far beyond implementing APIs into their product. It just kind of happened naturally. We’ve helped founders develop their go-to-market strategy, find funding, write pitch decks, and sometimes, quite frankly, just be a shoulder to cry on when needed.

What we realized by engaging with startups at this level was that the benefit was two-fold.

First, we were accelerating the execution and adoption of CAI products and services in the market. The more amazing companies that are out there creating magical experiences using conversational intelligence, the more mature the market becomes and, in turn, this broadens our opportunity. Also the rapid pace of development and innovation that happens at startups is an amazing source of feedback and iteration for our own products here at

Second, it just feels damn good to help other founders and companies succeed… so we decided to make it official and launched for Startups.

In the coming weeks and months we will be launching a lot of new content, events, and evolving the structure of the program. We’re also excited to be working closely with amazing organizations including Women In Voice and the Alexa Fund as some of our first partners.

We are constantly growing our partner network so if you’re an accelerator, incubator, investor or platform interested in referring portfolio companies to the Symbl for Startups program, we hope you get in touch.

To all the founders out there building amazing things, we’re here for you. The team at could not be more excited to be launching this new program. We hope you apply today.



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Symbl for Startups

Symbl for Startups

We believe startups are where innovation and impact happen. We’re committed to offering early stage companies the help and resources to grow and scale.